Sunday, September 14, 2003

Alfie Make a Strange Pee 

September 14

People struggle to wake up. There's yet more food. It's cool up in the mountains. For me it's long sleeves weather. For Javanese it's jacket time. Interesting what people think is cold.

More half-awake dissecting of convention and comics, and last night's antics. Alfie from Sektekomik is curious to understand just what is 'indie' and what is 'mainstream'. I bring up the example of Jeff Smith - he holds copyright to his work, yet is now published in Disney Adventures. (Of course, Bone has jumped from small self-published to large scale, and was even published by Image for a while. Some stories last longer than publishers.)

Sketchin' and readin' comix. Laine & I discuss the Aceh Komik. One of the most interesting and politically charged pieces may not be included because it involves some nudity.

I get some spot translations for some of the Indonesian Komiks I'm puzzling out. Good to get a better idea on some of the stories and nuances. Like Western small press, there's a lot of slang.

I'm asked if I've seen Dwi Koendoro's longer komiks. Nope, will have to get some of those.

Fun fact: I can buy the Lat 'Kampung Boy' animated series bootlegged in Cambodia, but it's not for sale in Indonesia! Why not? (They aren't missing so much: while it was overseen by the legend of Malaysian comics it's still more like Lat Lite™ - a good introduction to the real thing.)

Alfie's pretty good on guitar. The bus finally arrives early afternoon and we head back down the mountain. Laine and Athonk blip off, the latter advises me to buy the Jakarta Post, we may have a writeup!

Back in the Sosro area we way goodbye - some are going for good, some are sticking around for another day. Me, I've got to change my ticket. I was due to leave on the 15th and it's the 14th. There's no way I'll get to Jakarta in time. And I could do with another day to see Yogya.

A nap at my place and some net time - gotta catch up on that weblog. Fortunately the net café I'm at can do scanning and download my digital photos. That's pretty handy.

(I think I'll write an article about Convention blogging after this, I've done and seen enough convention reports to have a few opinions.)

Most of us meet up in the PM for a final drink and we find that KoranTempo has published a small article! Cool! (Will link to it if I can find it.)

Word for the day - Ayo. (Yo.)

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