Friday, September 05, 2003

September 05 part 2 

September 05 part 2:

Athonk comes by and we head out to the show venue where setting up is in process. I haven’t seen him or Yogya in three years and it’s great to catch up. We bechak down the main drag Maliboro (a boulevard with a small street and wide sidewalks) to the ‘Societ Militer’ bulding, the show’s venue. Yogyakarta is a lot more relaxed than Jakarta, and has lots of cultural features to boot.

Athonk’s been in Hawaii, New Orleans, Nevada, and Montery (among other places) while I’ve been in Cambodia. Looks to have been a busy time. And it turns out he’ll be going to Sydney in October!

The venue is in the center of town, near one of the markets. I meet Agung from Komikaze website, who’s right next to ours. He’s got some of his own comics to show as well. Latest komik: “School is Dead”.

The scale of the show is impressive, it’s the fourth national show of Comics and Animation they’ve had. Originally there was thought of having it in Jakarta but Yogyakarta won out.

Athonk’s got a new edition of his ‘Old Skull’ book, ‘Old Skull in the Garden’. He plans to do 100 pages of it and then publish a big compilation. It’s good to see the new strips, I’ve seen a few before via the internet.

I’ve got some strips that I’ve done for exhibitions and anthologies that I will compile to make a special Indonesian edition of QuickDraw. At $2 a page Athonk is game. I've got some t-shirts but those don't come out until the book is translated.

Lots of art school students setting up, all looking serious. There are some exhibits of the Indonesian silver and golden age of komiks, which is interesting to see. The convention folks have rented a photocopier – broken now – which may come in handy later. Athonk is preparing some classic comics from his collection to sell.

Agung’s got a poster for Komikaze. Athonk and I plan to do our own tonight. Convention people start appearing:

-I meet Benk Rahadian, an Indonesian working in Malaysia, who’s just come out with a comic set in Yogyakarta. [, Perum Nogortirto II
HL Madura E-95, Jogya]

-There’s one of the Convention organizers, Toto Mujio Mukmin, who teaches art in Jakarta. [, Fakultas Sen Rupa Dan Desain Universitas Tarumanagara, JL Let. Jend S. Parmnan No. 1 Jakarta 11440. Tel 5663125]

- Lots of Athonk’s friends are dropping by, I can see I’ll have a lot of folks to keep track of.

We head out to Athonk’s new studio on the other side of town, and Athonk points out an Apotik Komik mural on the way. (They are in San Francisco at the moment, for the Clarion Alley Mural project. Too bad, I was hoping to catch up with them.)

Athonk’s got a swanky studio in a university area. I spend some time leafing through his music and art that he’s accumulated from his travels. It’s right next to a canal, interesting how they run right through the town. I can see why this is such a popular destination for visitors, there is a good mix of the old and the new.

We spend about four hours puzzling over and painting the banner. Athonk thinks the art students are way too serious so I do a cartoony version of Old Skull to help get our approach across.

12ish we’re done, and I head back to my hotel. Tomorrow in the afternoon is the big opening.

Word of the day: terima kasih (banyak) / grazie (thank you)

Some Sleep 'Til Yogya 

September 4 2003
Email turns up something interesting: “IndoBlog� is a yearly award for Indonesian WebLoggers. Maybe I should change the title? To what?

A quick plate of Mee Goreng and I crash out at 12pm.

September 5 2003
Up at 5:30 and motor over to the bus station to try to lay hands on a ticket to Yogya. Again.
Waited 3 hours last night but this time it works like a charm, I get a ticket right away. Woo hoo!
I get a ticket and quickly grab a donut as a nominal breakfast. Hey, they have Durian donuts! Can’t find a phone though.

Lug my 3 heavy pieces of luggage upstairs. Man, I’ll be glad to unload this in Yogya. Train pulls up and we’re on our way.

While I’ve lost a little time it’s nice to see the countryside roll by. I have offered to do five talks, we’ll see if they take me up on any.
[[Melbourne Comics – Cambodia Comics – Comics and the Internet – Getting Money for Comics – Drawing Fast]]

We finally roll into the station at 5pm. I give Athonk a ring and he suggests we meet at his Uncle’s guesthouse, on Jalan (Street) Sosrowijayan, just around the corner. I take a Bechak over. Hmm... I spot a mural that looks like the Tarang Padi collective, a poster art group I met last time here.

I gratefully settle in and let my bags overflow.

(More to follow, but computers here are not being... cooperative. Click for show schedule, and more to follow!)

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