Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Cambodian Comics Day 

September 10

Begin the day with a cappucino at Café FM, where the sign advertises, 'probably Yogya's best restaurant'. Caffeine buzz in action, I bechak it over to the show. Ah, life is tough being a komikus - international travel, exploring new cultures. Maybe I should have stayed with being an astrophysicist… but that's another story.
All I can say is you could do a reality TV show about comic artists and never run out of material.

I've decided today is 'Cambodian Comics Day': 8000 rupiah for a comic and a 'krama' scarf. I also have a photocopied reader of older, out of print comics for sale.

More work on the translation. There's a high school workshop in progress, Benk and Agung are pitching in.

I swap comics with a fellow who does the eponymous 'Jail' komik - nice style. (Pix to follow.)

More news from Laine about East Timor and Oceussi. We blip out to get an adapter plug for my laptop. It's handy being near the market - and parts of it are open 24 hours.

Enjoying Swacomsta , a little cartoon done by some moonlighting animators.

I need to get started on those mini-interviews. Damn, I'm going to have a lot of things to scan. Intend to fully re-mix and optimize this blog when I return to Siem Reap.

Jam strips are getting passed around, mixed Indonesian and English.

I take some time out for email and personal stuff - life goes on, regardless of where you are or what you're doing.

Back at the show, the high school workshop is finished. And the scarves are getting some appreciation - mostly the girls want them. ("Do I have to take a comic?" Yes.) We sell out most of our Cambodian comics by the end of the day.

I also have some Krama ties which the guys dig. It looks like most of what I say about Cambodian comics will be informal, but I'm getting word out to the people who would be most interested anyway - the comics freaks.

Bambang Toko's diskusi on teaching komiks takes place, wish I could understand it. I spend some time reading Bukan Komik ('not a comic'), an anthology by what seems to be mostly MKI folks. Some good strips playing with form and content. And Ari Prasetyo's comic, Si Raja Bau.

Also some good music outside.

More people come by for beer. Yeah, beer and komiks!

Show wraps up at 10. Another attempt at blogging. It's just so damn slow.

Word for the day: Bir = beer. (Tricky, no?)

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