Friday, September 12, 2003

Komiks Gratis 

September 12

Arrive at show late, time out for some personal things.
But I've got copies of my comic, 'Spontan'. And Athonk is collating the 'Strip Jams' book! After a little lull yesterday there is a buzz of energy today.

Strip Jams...Here the word for time is "Jam" so you'll see signs "24 JAM". Between that and the 'Not Mild' signs it seems like there are secret comix messages speaking to you wherever you go.

Jam books "Komiks and Black Beer" and "Komikus and Barangya" are done.

"Komiks gratis komiks gratis" we shout and everyone comes running.

If I can get more copies made we will send these to the 'Beer and Comics' feature of the Australian National Young Writers' Festival, in October.

With my komik done (see even I'm spelling it the Indonesian way now) I'm free to check out the show, and do some interviews. Laine's got her laptop out and we both run around and start asking questions.

Last Indonesia trip there was too much art to digest. This time I'm just gonna ask ten questions. [Forthcoming @ Silver Bullet Comic Books, assuming they don't suck: MKI (Indonesian Komik Society), Cinta Komik, Komik-Kasa, Taring Padi, Duggung Tumbuh, and more!]
Laine suggests the guy who does the Ayam Mapahajit komik, he's been doing UN komiks in East Timor. Not enough time, argh! I simply can't interview everybody.

Convention dinner - rice and ayam (chicken) in banana leaf, plus each booth gets some more noodles, rice and vegies in a takeaway box. Gotta love convention life here, it's got Stateside food beat.

The show closes with a sort of komik cabaret at the lecture area, some songs and some speeches and thank yous.

Lots of pictures. All you have to do is say 'fotofotofoto' and people come running. We all start tearing down our booths and giving away / swapping komiks. I give lots of mine away, I don't want to cart them all the way back to Siem Reap!

We head home - I'm told at twelve tomorrow there will be a small retreat to the mountains to review this convention and plan the next. That should be a fun day.

Word for the day: Gratis = free.

Next: Sudden Death Overtime.

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