Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Penh Indo Prep 

Indo Preppin'

If you're getting this via email I'm using the new weblog-to-mail feature. You'll have to go to the main page to see any pictures though. If you want off just drop me a line.

Things to bring over:

Melbourne: Michael Pee Fikaris (pictured above) is assembling a small care package. He's just been interviewed by Voiceworks.

Phnom Penh: buying some local comics and Cambodian Hip Hop CDs. In a nation where Karaoke rules, hip hop is a natural progression. (Check May 2003 issue #164 of The Source for a 4 page article.) Indonesia from what I've seen is a bit more punk and metal influenced.

La Casa Hip Hop, Penhville http://www.khmer.cc/community/t.c?b=4&t=2188
USA Khmer Hip Hop
more USA Khmer Hip Hop

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