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Visual Language

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Visual Language

Click on the picture above for the Khmer sign language term for ‘Chair’. (Caution, big video file!)

This sign was taught to me by a member of the deaf community center in Kampot, which Epic Arts and the Deaf Development Program work with.

Had a great time in Kampot and discussed some projects with the crew. Cambodian sign language is just beginning to hit its stride, only in the last 5 years have some serious efforts been made to document and teach it. Khmer signs vary by province and have yet to be extensively surveyed. (PhD topic, anyone?)

I was fascinated by how expressive the people I met were, and how clear and simple the signs were. I guess as a comicist I like to see new forms of visual communication. Check these links, more details to follow.

‘Chair’ comic links

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