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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


With growth comes… well, big massive traffic jams. Things can get pretty tight in Phnom Penh’s rush hour.


We’ve got bus stops in Phnom Penh but a Japanese-sponsored trial run for a public bus system was halted only after a few weeks. People just aren’t enthused about them.
An Indonesian art exchange included a screening of ‘Bis Kota’ (City Bus’), a documentary about transit in Jakarta. Seems to work OK for other cities…


A monorail like Bangkok’s skytrain has been suggested for Monivong Boulevard, and may even be built. But there are alternate transit solutions:


(Jan 16) Hi there folks, due to a wedding (not my own), lack of scanner access and other difficulties I will probably post this strip late. I will endeavor to beat Sarah at least in posting a ‘final version’ because I am a Cheeky Bastard.

(Jan 19) Posted.

Round Three: Day Sixteen, Comic Rehab