How to QuickDraw

How to QuickDraw

This comic is basically to explain my approach. “Quick Drawing” is like free writing: you just sit down and draw. Usually I have an idea in mind already. This strip was no exception; I wanted to explain the process in Khmer. It took just under an hour, which is my usual speed.

As a name, “QuickDraw” serves as an indication of being topical and fast moving, and also truth in advertising. (Just ‘cause it’s done in a hurry doesn’t mean it’s good.) As a teacher I’ve often been bailed out by my ability to draw fast to explain a word or concept.

But the more time I spend in Southeast Asia, the more detail I want to show, and more reference I want to use. I’ve bought a digital camera, and am using that to get more details for drawing. Like the little fellow below: ‘Sawmaw’ or ‘Rambutan’, a Lychee-like fruit that’s common here.

Usually I draw fresh from the start and tidy up afterwards. Khmer usually reads at a bigger size than Romanized text though, so prior to drawing this strip I ruled out the panel borders and pasted up the text. This is a technical process we in the comics industry call ‘cheating’.

Thanks to the Bishop/Wild family for letting me use a window for sizing of text, and Fantastic Planet where I drew the strip. (Anybody got a spare lightbox I can borrow? Email me.)



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