Bangkok, dogsbollox

Bangkok, dogsbollox

In Bangkok, first time I’ve been outside Cambodia in nearly a year. Good fun buying clothes and consumer comestibles. Managed to get some comics from ‘Focus on the Global South’, as well as set up an interview with a Thai artist for my next visit.

What’s the latest on Tim Danko and Michael Fikaris in New Zealand?

From Stefan Neville:

hi.just wanted to mention some gigs you might be interested in.

#1. chris knox and pumice. at dogsbollox bar, wed. 23rd april. and we are playing some stuff together too…

#2. birchville cat motel, pumice, richard francis, rosy parlane,kin rahmane, at galatos basement, thurs. 24th.

#3. wings of vengence (campbell kneales one man black metal exorcissm from lower hutt), cobra,(ex ho-dogs), dantes disco inferno (starring james james and celia mancini and me) and flick. at the paradise bar,st kevs arcade. k rd. fri. 25th april. flyers around town made by the silentarmy/pure evil team who will be there and probably still trying to sell their comics so they can afford to go home. sweet.-s


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