from Megan Kelso:

> Dear Fellow Cartoonist:


> We are planning to place full page ad in the next available issue of The

> Comics Journal containing a cartoonist’s Statement of Conscience in

> opposition to the Bush Administration’s relentless march towards war

> with Iraq and erosion of our civil liberties. We would like to print the

> names of as many cartoonists as possible who share this view. If you

> want to have your name included on the list, please contact Megan Kelso

> ASAP. We have about three weeks to put the ad together, so time is of

> the essence. Please forward this to other cartoonists you know who may

> also want to have their names included. We hope you will join us in

> this small but important effort. As Al Smith once said, “the solution to

> the problems of democracy is more democracy.” Let us behave as if we

> lived in a democracy and speak up!


> Sincerely,

> Megan Kelso and Timothy Kreider


> A Statement of Conscience


> The undersigned cartoonists oppose the Bush administration’s policies> both abroad and at home in its response to the terrorist attacks of

> 9/11. The “War on Terror” is being used as an excuse to launch a

> unilateral and unprovoked invasion of Iraq for political motives, and to

> repeal the rights and freedoms for which this country first fought. The

> America we believe in doesn’t attack first, or arrest its citizens

> without charges. If comic books have taught us anything, it is that

> Superpowers should only be used for good.

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