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Thursday, March 20th, 2003

Operation Oily Residue is underway.

20 ways you can oppose the war:

Activist news:

Protests coming soon to a neighborhood near you:

Stateside residents, your member of Congress is just an email away. (Paper letters count more though in their tally of public opinion.)

War Profiteering by Bush & Co.

Patching up the differences with the French: what next will the USA do, give back the Statue of Liberty?


Monday, March 17th, 2003

Amber Carvan (Big Smoke, BrickDog) is now a proud Mum! Those in the know will want to email her for news and baby pix.

Galerie Ziggourat in Belgium wants Australian Comics. Hit the Silent Army Newswire for more details.


Some hilarious detourned posters by Micah Wright.

Going Down Swinging Lauds Silent Army.

Jo Waite comic:

Salgood Sam digs Silent Army.

Stefan Neville Interview


Friday, March 14th, 2003

QUEEN OF POP: Kirrily Schell voted ‘Most Popular’ in Cornerfold.

Couldn’t this have happened in High School?

NZ comics group Black River Digital takes the ball and runs with Tim Danko’s comicism essay. You’ll have to register to see it though.

MELBOURNE MIRROR-WORLD is William Gibson’s current blog posting, based on a message board thread.

Dennis Potter, not Harry Potter

I gather that Robert Downey Jr. is starring in a film remake of British TV screenwriting guru Dennis Potter’s miniseries ‘The Singing Detective’. This gives me mixed feelings… Guess I’ll wait and check the film out. Given the subject matter the casting may be spot on.


Wednesday, March 12th, 2003

Comic like me:

“…we come into the studio and you’re always reading… and readings good, Zombo …but you’re always reading comics.” …the head of Zombos’ first art school explains the difference between ‘real’ reading and… some other kind of thing. (1983)

Read on, (last post on the Cornerfold Message Board) for Tim Danko’s articulate and thoughtful definition of what a comic is and just what it takes to be a comician in today’s environment. This arises out of discussion of Tim’s latest work, Anamnesis Osculation.


Also, word has it he and Michael Fikaris (of Silent Army NZ recon contingent) will be heading out for Auckland’s Armageddon Expo.

Official Site

Yrs Truly @ Armageddon

Funtime @ Armagedddon


Wednesday, March 5th, 2003

Reading: Joann Sfar, ‘Grand Vampire’. (Check out her English language page, it’s hilarious!)

Also at the Japanese restaurant, Shojo Manga. Told you I’ll read anything. You didn’t believe me.