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Newsletter V.2 #56


In this issue: Comics Journal Editor quits, Small Press Expo Book goes back to press, jobs, conventions, and so much more! It's the Oz Comix Newsletter for February 8, 02000!

Citing personal reasons, Editor Darren Hick has left the Comics Journal. AusComics aficionados will fondly recall Hick's tireless work on the small press review column "Thrown to the Wolves", in which many of our pals received positive reviews. (Don't ask me about mine, mind.) Hick has returned to his native Canada and has some new comics projects in the works.
Will _Thrown to the Wolves_ continue? Only time will tell.

Darren Hick profile:
Gossip on TCJ message board:

_Thrown To the Wolves_ Reviews:

Q-Ray's I Was A Teenage Religious Fanatic: Special U.S.A. Edition

Kirrily Schell's _Wide Arsed Mole_ #2.

Susan Butcher and Carol Wood's _Pox_

Ben Ridder's _Salmon Boon_

Ben Hutchings' _Dragonhurtor_

Tony Renouf, Glenn Smith, Morris Brown's _Radioactive Paranoid_

Stefan Neville's _Identity Cleared of Beard-Ripping_

Athonk's _Bad Times Story_

The SMALL PRESS EXPO anthology book has sold out and is now going back to press due to interest and demand. That's right, Stefan Neville and Bruce Mutard
have now "sold out in America" in Tim Danko's phraseology.

I should also note that the 1 April submission date for the SPX 2000 book is the same for Milk Bar. Decisions, decisions.
The lengthly specs above can be viewed on the web at
and Milk Bar's submission requirements can be seen at


The Australian Network for Art and Technology announces a need for a Web and
Technical Officer.
Applications close 6pm (CST) Friday, 18 February, 2000. Contact ANAT for
more info,

Kylie Gusset ( ) is looking for a web whiz to art direct a new
webzine called UNTOLD. Specs at

A comics teaching position is available in Auckland. Starts Feb 15th so there's a good chance it's been snapped up. Info at:


COMIC FEST 2000 will take place at Centrepoint Convention Centre, Sydney, from 25th March, 2000, 9.00am to 6.00pm. Admission: $5 (children 12 and under free if
accompanied by an adult). Site:
For further info contact Daniel on 0412 026 797 or email

ARMAGEDDON will happen March 18 & 19 at Auckland's Aotea Centre. Looks like there won't be a Melbourne spinoff this time, but scheduling congruency enables guests from Armageddon to also attend Comic Fest.
NZ guests can be seen at
More info via

It looks like the NATIONAL YOUNG WRITERS' FESTIVAL will be the weekend of 6-8 in
October. A week after the Olympics' end (I'm sure you'll all be attending _that_) and apparently still in the NSW Uni holidays.
Squizz the festy site:

ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO (APE) happened in San Francisco last weekend, its first time in a new city after moving from San Jose. Con update from Che Gilson of Plastic Planet next issue.


Paul writes:
Fantastic, thanks, sounds great to me, the comix guests idea is good if they have a clear idea what they want to say and bring in some groovy music I can play.

Listen to gonzo on Mondo PolyEster live on the internet every Tuesday 10AM-3PM,
point your browser to and check it out.

KYLIE GUSSET of seeking guests and ideas for her radio chat show on the internet. If you've got comics up on the web, you qualify.


And speaking of web comicists, BEN HUTCHINGS has been hard at work on an animation project. "The story is a beautiful one, interweaving violence, hope, violence and toilets." Live the dream at
He's also first off the mark for the Polyester t-shirt competition, and you can
see his submission at:

Web comics guy AARON BURGESS wants your latest pix and info. He's completed the
shell for Comics Australia's swanky new look, now what he needs from you is pix and words about your comics. Make it easy for him and he'll expose your stuff to a global audience.

ANDY CONLAN (Mr. Jacuzzi) notes sitename has changed. He's now at

MANDY ORD's story in the new _Top Shelf Under the Big Top_ follows her usual _modus_ of 'transcendence through scatology'. Reviewer Joe Zabel writes in Indy Magazine Online: "bliss on the job is captured in Mandy Ord's memorable "Five Minute Break," in which a stressed-out wage slave cherishes the refuge of a ladies room that has everything -- soap and water from the faucet, warmth from the hand dryer, toilet paper for letter writing, and best of all, peace and quiet!" Read the full review at:

STUART STRATU of SICK PUPPY has changed his email address. It's now The Carl Hiaasen fan also has big plans for comics meetings in Sydney, hoping to rival Melbourne. And on top of that, thanks to the success of the Cozmix III exhibition at the Tap Gallery, he's organizing the next one in about 6 months' time. (Sept/Oct 2000).

Dates to remember:

March 1st (_Satan Lives with Me_ due date (I think))
April First (_Small Press Expo Book_, _Milk Bar_ due date)

Archive of earlier comics newsletters:

Lots o' love
- J


"I don't think a rock band should know how to play instruments. It's old
fashioned and besides I can't relate to it politically."
- Ebn-Ozn