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Newsletter v.2 #53

Newsletter v.2 #53 With all the comics info and
goss, it's the Newsletter for January 15, 2000!

* * *
First and most importantly, POLYESTER has been raided.
To avoid retyping lengthy emails, I've slapped together a
little info page at And
check out Stratu's page on the whole thing too, which I've
linked to.

There's a defense fund starting up. I've mooted the idea of
a t-shirt contest to Paul, who seems amenable - but he's
kinda overwhelmed at the moment. So if you're in
Melbourne, stop on by or ring to see what's up with that.

Many of the folks behind the recent National Young
Writers Festival are starting up a webzine focusing on Oz
alt.culture. It's called UNTOLD. While there's heaps of
stuff like music and fiction, there's no comics material at all
- largely 'cause no comics folks have stepped up to get
involved. They could do with a comics coordinator. And
they're very open-minded.
Organizing group at

And as far as positions go, FANTAGRAPHICS is looking
for a spare hand.
. Subject: Re: ART DIRECTOR WANTED - -Poster:
Eric Reynolds Hey folks - Fantagraphics is looking for an
art director. If you or anyone you know wants to live in the
Emerald City of Seattle and work flexible hours at very low
starting pay (but plenty of free comics), please contact
myself or Kim Thompson
Experience with macintosh computers and programs like
photoshop, quark, and illustrator preferred, and a fondness
for hardcore pornography would be nice.
Thanks, Eric

The COMICS JOURNAL continues to review small press
comics in its "Thrown to the Wolves" column, but they
have a considerable backlog of stuff to review now. co-editors
Darren Hick and Eric Reynolds are very small-press
positive though, so if you're feeling confident you should
send some comics their way. I'm curious to see what they'd


And on the MILK BAR tip, AMBER CARVAN has
moved to Adelaide to take up a position with the
Australian Network for Art and Technology. Richard Vogt is
coming along too. Stay tuned for more arts opportunities
and intitiatives from this terrible twosome.

Q-RAY notes a complete redesign of his site, complete
with flash cartoons and animated gifs. Chuckles for the
animated bong action.

MR. J of caricature and wrestling fame is assembling a new
"I'm currently putting together an anthology of stuff (mostly
autobio), so if you have anything of 1-4 pages please send
it along. I've currently got stuff from Lindsay Arnold (from
Rip off & Weirdo mags, as well as his recently self
published Dr Gumbo), Hugh Fleming (cover artist for DC
and Dark horse ), Pete Mullins (assistant on From Hell,
and artist for People mag), Steve Stamatiadis (of Starlight
Agency from Antarctic, and Stuff for Caliber), John
Passfield (from Picture/People mags and Dark Horse
Downunder), myself (from nowhere in particular other than
wrestling magazines lately), James Merritt (from New
Zealand), Tonia Walden (from Totally Wicked), and a
whole host of other including hopefully yourself and the
aforementioned Nicola Hardy. If poss let me know, and I'll
save a place. Tentatively titled "Comics Are Dead", it looks
like running about 50 pages (about 3/4 are done so far )."

TIM DANKO is also collecting material - in this instance,
for the upcoming ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO in San
Francisco. Get your goods to him posthaste, or if you're
really late contact CHE GILSON of PLASTIC PLANET,
who will be selling the stuff. Tim:

Those of you who sent stuff to SMALL PRESS EXPO
should have gotten your money by now - it's being
distributed by TIM DANKO. And stacks of goodies are en
route via seamail. You can read about SPX in Darren
Schroder's writeup. (I'll get to finishing mine someday.

In the wake of PURE EVIL's successful launch,
Stars fame have convened a new comics household. "It's a
house of love" writes Michael in a recent letter. Stay tuned
for more on the HOUSE OF LOVE in future newsletter

MANDY ORD's cartoons continue to appear in the
weekend edition of the Australian in its entertainment
section, the ORBIT. Word has it KIRRILY SCHELL has
had a turn in those same pages as well. And TOP SHELF:
UNDER THE BIG TOP is out with an all new ORD BIT.
Joe Bob says check it out.

For my next trick, I will make myself disappear. More on
imminent travel plans in next Newsletter.
John Weeks