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OzComics Newsletter V.2 #54

Jan 26, 02000

In this issue: Polyester, Comics Australia,, Anthologies, Alchemy, and
more! Plus: Underground comics "sell out".

The 'POLYESTER Raid Commemorative T-Shirt Design Competition' is GO! If in
Melbourne drop in to see PAUL (the guy's kinda overwhelmed right now) or contact
via email - STUART STRATU of SICK PUPPY will be putting
up entries on his site.
Paul has received interest from a barrister who's also worked on other civil rights-esque issues. For more on the Polyester hassle:

NICOLA HARDY is alive and well in Brisbane, where she's working on a new anthology, "SATAN LIVES WITH ME", about dodgy housemates. It'll be A5 and in glorious black and white, deadline end of March. P.O. Box 12123, Elizabeth St., Brisbane, Queensland, 4000 Australia.

FESTIVAL SHOCK SPLIT: MARCUS WESTBURY of NATIONAL YOUNG WRITERS' FESTIVAL has resigned from his post, to be replaced by AMANDA KERLEY. Melbourne's own DREAMY ANKLE will be putting her own spin on the festy, so keep your ideas for comics panels and happenings handy.

Sydney's KYLIE PURR writes of need for net comics:
I'm working on a website, called 'untold" ( - this is the prototype, not the actual content though. at this site, all that is really relevant is the "what is untold about" bits).. Me and Adam Ford are trying to get some comic stuff into it. He is doing the Malvern Stars run in Melbourne. I get sydders, cause I love 'em all so much.
Anyhow, what I would like is some strips, or single peices of art, to put in the
comic section. The site will be like a portal, really, just about small press and underground type endeavours.
I need to get stuff in the next 10 days. Or alternatively, stuff tucked away on your sites would be OK too.
truly, i love youse all.
ms kylie purr

ALCHEMY is an arts project in Brisbane, a six week retreat/seminar for artists of all
types. A chance to create new works with like-minded folks, and network as well.
Applications are due by the 18th of Feb.
No guarantee that you'd get in, but our own AMBER CARVAN will be judging
this, after all. Get your CV together and fill out an application. (Whaddaya mean, you
"don't have a CV"?!)

CHE GILSON of PLASTIC PLANET is gearing up for San Francisco's ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO. A big shipment of comics is en route to her via spruiker Tim Danko.

Government alternative youth publication VOICEWORKS is looking for contributions.
Editor CRAIG GARRETT posts:
The Voiceworks winter edition is being published in May this year (normally June) to coincide with the Next Wave Festival.
For this issue the age limit for Voiceworks has been increased to '29 and under' (normally under 25) to fall in line with the Next Wave definition of an emerging writer/artist.
For this issue the deadline has been moved forward to February 1.Voiceworks
publishes comics, poetry, short stories, illustrations,articles and photos. There is no theme, just send your work to us by Feb 1.
Dern, where's that email? - Adam@ could probably refer you to the right address.

The PURE EVIL anthology has sold out its entire stock at Polyester. Who says there's
no money in minis? Quick, back to press!

COMICS AUSTRALIA has revamped its site with a whizbang new interface and design. "Sex, violence, and a chick with wings!" is the new slogan. Catch Aaron in revisions mode and pass on your latest details - many sections need an update, and he can't do it all himself.

Speaking of wings, bird appellated American cartoonist LARK PIEN was last spotted flitting around Sydney - so when will she check in with the comics folks?

In addition to aformentioned anthology, Brisvegas' NICOLA HARDY has also been featured in the DIY DOA chapter of the _Australian Youth Subcultures_ tome. she's doing cartoons for the
Univeristy of Queensland's "Sempre" newspaper.

ATHONK is in Jakarta mostly nowadays - the troublemaking tattooist is working out
of Kafe Kupu-Kupu, a must-see spot for inkstained travelers. Mail to his Yogyakarta
address is still good. More at

Stratu's Sydders folks are having comics meetings at The Royal Exhibition Hotel (beer garden) cnr Chalmers and Devonshire sts (opp Central Railway). For more info

Two forums (or would that be 'fora'??) for comics communication - one new, one
ComicsAustralia now has a bulletin board for posting of comics news info and
Also check out 'aus.arts.comics' on UseNet If you've got the web, you can locate it via newsgroups interface The Comics Journal editors have been known to lurk there, but if they actually have the _time_ to check it regularly, they should fear for their job.

- J Platypus Pooped