Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trails / Tapes / Woods

Tue 29: Trails

Yes, it's on, our monthly Free Drawing Thing. Tonight. Bring pens,
beer, food. All welcome. 7pm until whenever.

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Wed 30: Marcia Jane Artist Talk

Tape Projects Presents
Marcia Jane

Marcia is a video artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her current
video work involves images of her personal spaces and environments:
streets and spaces encountered every day. Intensive editing abstracts
these images away from their origins and combines them in new graphic
and rhythmic relationships. Recent projects include live performance
at The NOW Now Festival 2008; and the collaborative show Cluster at
VCA gallery.

A selection of light refreshments will be provided.

Artist Talk
7pm Wednesday 30th April


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Fri 2: White Woods / Go Genre Everything / Dan Cross

White Woods features members from such past and present bands as
Midnight Caller, K Mason, Love The Bomb, Ragged Anns, Kind Winds, The
Astens and a bunch of others. They had a "pre Debut Gig gig" at
Afterdark last week, and now this is their "Debut gig" proper. Wha?
They pull out some noice indie jangle:

Ably supported by the bash + holler of Go Genre Everything:

and the pop genius of Mr Dan Cross (star sign Cancer, Leo Rising):

Doors open at 8pm. Won't cost much.

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275 High Street Northcote Vic 3070 Australia

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Friday and Saturday...

Hi everybody,

This is what we've got for you:

Lost Animal
Das Butcher

Friday April 18, 8.30pm, $cheap

This Friday night features three of Melbourne's finest solo acts.
Wait, come back! There's not a single acoustic guitar strummer amongst

I think we might have said before that Lost Animal is one of our most
favourite new local things. The top two influences listed on his
myspace are Suicide and Serge Gainsbourg, and that kinda nails it,
but, you know, not really. Sparse, raw songs with crooning vox and
minimal backing. "Say No to Thugs" is a stand-out earworm.

Barrage: The Big Issue sez: "The austere moodiness of early 80s new
romanticism and the bounce-riddled aesthetics of early 90s melodic
electronics ... [with] a strangely disturbing edge." Mess + Noise sez:
"A chronicle of order and disorder for a golden dawn" which is, uh,
meaningless, but has a nice ring to it. We say that Barrage is just
about the cutest little boy you'll ever meet, and his brand of fucked
pop is sweet AND sour, and largely pork-free.

Das Butcher reckons: "Mother used to always speak backwards to me,
then one day I found a casio rapman in hard rubbish, I got dressed all
in blood, made some noise, & this is what happened." He's not joking
about the blood neither.


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Khuruksetra (Indonesia)

Saturday April 19, 8.30pm, $cheap

Khuruksetra is an Indonesian experimental noise group influenced by
Javanese performing arts and the Bharatayudha War. A collaboration
between the members of Kalimayat, Whisperdesire, Hypervillain & a
Poet. Now based in Sydney. Featuring Danif Pradana, Mikael Mirdad,
Enrico Utomo and Andra Fembriarto. This is a rare opportunity to see
em do their thing in Melbourne.

Spit is the performing title of Ryan Cockburn, a New Zealander who is
a sometime/past member of EYE along with Peter Stapleton (Victor
Dimisch Band, Pin Group, Scorched Earth Policy, Dadamah, Terminals,
Handful of Dust, Rain, Sleep, Flies Inside the Sun... ), Nathan
Thompson (Sandoz Lab Technicians, Sleep) and Peter Porteous
(Empirical), among other things. He's in Melbourne now and we're not
sure what to expect: Cheap toy guitars, mixers, microphones,
turntables with busted records and computers are all part of his kit,
and his recorded output seems pretty varied... His rekkid label (UFM)
says "If the Dead C had kept making records in the vein of 'Operation
Of The Sonne', but ditched the drums and the electric guitars, they
might have ended up here. If the Clean got incredibly lazy and started
forgetting to finish songs or turn the radio off or sing properly..."
Best to just come along for a look yourself.

Krystoffkrvstoffiston: "From dehidrated northcote dusty lungs full of
grief and god's wrath splutter forth omnipitant pain and anguish.
coroading twin neck guitar and organ acompany these death throughs
only barely riseing from collapsing in heat stroke, this is mottled
Southern Hemisphree Black & White Metal!!!! other project ST John's
Ambience, MOFFARFARRAH, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, White Horse,
MofHoRah, Malakat, Slotholith, 1/16th headed, Dumb Crystals, Paeces,
MFFRvsBNS, EOH,Kimberly, Bohemian Knights, Alley oops (ex-Slam Dunk!)
and Half man Half Moffafarrah." So, yeah, these two guys who're
involved in a swag of skewed local musical projects do this great
bleak/black ("bleack"?) metal / doom / drone + scree thing. And
they're doing it with the best bandname in town.


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275 High Street Northcote Vic 3070 Australia

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More mashups

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bitchcraft - Newie

Thursday, April 10, 2008


An evening of sweet treats for ears, eyes, and open mouths.


Van Diemen's Band
Deb Ball
Bethany J Fellows

7.30pm, $5

Thugquota, tough enough to rush at you with a swag full of his own
twisted notions of pop songs and not fall over. Sweeter than a beach
ball at least, heavier than a lamington.

Van Diemen's Band, we know nothing.

Deb Ball has its first outing. Dan Bell, giver of inepitude and bad
vibes to Ladder and Happy Party is leaving behind a mountain of half
working electronics and travelling light with drum machine, keyboard,
tape loops, pedals and home made trinkets. Searching for scratch and
sniff kraut wallpaper.

Bethany J Fellows is a Melbourne based artist currently doing mostly
performance stuff. Her subjects are wide and varied as she explores
the iconic, celebrity and self, seeking to subvert the current
social/cultural/political climate. Known for her humorous and offbeat
projects, she is obsessive and quite acerbic in the kitchen. Some of
you might remember her Pray for Britney shrine from our first market,
and a few of you might have been lucky enough to catch her dressed as
a taco on Swanston St. Bethany will be performing Energy
Transmutation #1 Sugar


Fatti Frances
Default Jamerson

Saturday April 12, 8.30pm, $cheap

Fatti Frances is a newish pop band featuring Raquel Solier (formerly
Oh! Belguim, Jemima Jemima). With Help from Judy Garland aka Sarah
Weston, Geoff O'Connor from Sly Hats/Crayon Fields, Max Cohan of
Agents of Abhorrence and Tim Picone from Unstable Ape Records/The
Night Terrors. They sound pretty sweet to me.

Beaches features folks from local groops like Love of Diagrams, Spider
Vomit and Panel of Judges. They are good. Have a listen on the
Myspace. My favourite Beaches review so far: "melbourne 2008 = south
island 1983"

Default Jamerson is Marcus Cook. He just put out an album on
Sabbatical. The best phrase in their album description is "Brilliant
tone vapours". They also use the word "ominous". That should give you
an idea.


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275 High Street Northcote Vic 3070 Australia

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yep, 10 Year old Covers...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Team 9 v Stereogum

Dionne Farris