Thursday, April 10, 2008


An evening of sweet treats for ears, eyes, and open mouths.


Van Diemen's Band
Deb Ball
Bethany J Fellows

7.30pm, $5

Thugquota, tough enough to rush at you with a swag full of his own
twisted notions of pop songs and not fall over. Sweeter than a beach
ball at least, heavier than a lamington.

Van Diemen's Band, we know nothing.

Deb Ball has its first outing. Dan Bell, giver of inepitude and bad
vibes to Ladder and Happy Party is leaving behind a mountain of half
working electronics and travelling light with drum machine, keyboard,
tape loops, pedals and home made trinkets. Searching for scratch and
sniff kraut wallpaper.

Bethany J Fellows is a Melbourne based artist currently doing mostly
performance stuff. Her subjects are wide and varied as she explores
the iconic, celebrity and self, seeking to subvert the current
social/cultural/political climate. Known for her humorous and offbeat
projects, she is obsessive and quite acerbic in the kitchen. Some of
you might remember her Pray for Britney shrine from our first market,
and a few of you might have been lucky enough to catch her dressed as
a taco on Swanston St. Bethany will be performing Energy
Transmutation #1 Sugar


Fatti Frances
Default Jamerson

Saturday April 12, 8.30pm, $cheap

Fatti Frances is a newish pop band featuring Raquel Solier (formerly
Oh! Belguim, Jemima Jemima). With Help from Judy Garland aka Sarah
Weston, Geoff O'Connor from Sly Hats/Crayon Fields, Max Cohan of
Agents of Abhorrence and Tim Picone from Unstable Ape Records/The
Night Terrors. They sound pretty sweet to me.

Beaches features folks from local groops like Love of Diagrams, Spider
Vomit and Panel of Judges. They are good. Have a listen on the
Myspace. My favourite Beaches review so far: "melbourne 2008 = south
island 1983"

Default Jamerson is Marcus Cook. He just put out an album on
Sabbatical. The best phrase in their album description is "Brilliant
tone vapours". They also use the word "ominous". That should give you
an idea.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

275 High Street Northcote Vic 3070 Australia


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