Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ancient Aussie Music Nostalgia

A few old old comics here mainly on music (Australian & other) of the late nineties.

I found the first 'Rage' release kind of enjoyable. Didn't make heavy rotation though...

When I relocated to Melbs to study Cambodian culture I found the second Rage CD on sale at Monash Student Union. Their liner notes included a shout out to the Peruvian Maoists.

I'd recently spent a summer learning Cambodian language. A Peruvian classmate had some grim tales to tell about Sendero Luminoso. Not to say that Fujimori was any great shakes either, but it just showed the band was a little misguided. I think you've got to work for change within the system and outside the system, often at the same time. Not sure if bands like RATM and Insurge have the perfect model. Is there one to be had? We've all got our own angle to take...

After 9-11 mainstream lefties like Rage and Michael Moore came in for a lot of flak and criticism, showing just how extreme the political debate in the States is going.

I spent my sparse shekels on Oz indie pop instead. Choozy, Warm Cola, haunting Polyester and AuGoGo, where I sold my comics.

Australian Musos that should just stop right now

Exhibited in 1997 'Pure Evil' Exhibition, Empress Hotel. I think this was published in Astrogrrl, but can't remember for sure, been a while.

Tales of the Chair
Tales of the Chair 01 (With Dion Nania (Panel of Judges) and Angelo Madrid) 1997, Surezine. Kane did a swank print job, artist Angelo was stoked. Also published in 'Loud' festy. (Yes it's that old!)

Tales of the Chair 02 (With Ben Butler and Angelo Madrid) 1997, Surezine. Ben gets around.
Whitlams Funnies:
For our overseas friends: Google the words in quotes, and you should be able to pick up the references. Gough Whitlam is the former Prime Minister of Australia, and there's a band called The Whitlams also.
Circa 1997, Canberra trip. Shags is back in Canberra and noodling in various art projects.
Circa 1997, Canberra trip. Chatting with Kirrily Schell.


For more 90s nostalgia keep an eye out for upcoming 'Trails' anthology from the Silent Army camp.

Happy German New Year Everybody

Lest I forget:

Pink Steel: We Fight for Cock MP3.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mary McCarty, Daniel Johnston, Gerry Nobody

Monday, June 20, 2005

Desert Island discs:

You can get a pizza or find a swimming pool in Cambodia, no sweat. But finding decent offbeat alternative tunes? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in an internet Cafe, trying to download bands when I don’t even know if they suck or not.

Enter Pete Radio, which is own weekly-ish podcast featuring lots of classic and new music, by Pete Ashton of BugPowder fame. I go a little spacey without a good soundtrack to for my life, and having Pete’s MP3s is like a booster shot of cultural vitamins.

Some of the playlist I'm checking out:

Maxi Geil and Playcolt

Steven Malkmus
Never heard of this guy.


Jeez I'm out of it. Daniel Johnston has a site??

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Straight Outta Compton