Sunday, January 29, 2006

Keiran'd dig this

Monday, January 23, 2006

Fw: Super Bowl of Heavy Metal rocked by PINK STEEL-1/27/06

Huddle up girls,

Pink Steel is grabbing the pig-skin and tightening up their ends for the up and coming ..Super Bowl of Heavy Metal this Friday night!!

Make sure you are there cuz this show is even one of "Village Voice's Picks" (,6.html) of sassy things to do this weekend!  See below for glowing praise:

".Pink Steel is gay hair metal. Kick ass."-Village Voice

Be there at Sin-e ( as we bring the Heavy Metal to the grid-iron with two other bullet fisted bands. The gigantic line up also includes Glam titans- Hair Supply (11:00 pm), and the Christian Mock Rockers -Sin Destroyers ( (10:00 pm).  Pink Steel kicks off the rocking at 9:00 pm sharp.

We have burst forth from the locker room and are suited up to rock the crap out of you this Friday night.

Details are below.
Consider yourself sacked.
FRI JAN 27 2006:

 9 pm
150 attorney st @ stanton


PS: Now you can cut out the middleman (oh why would you want that?) and buy the audio molten-metal of Pink Steel over the internet via CD Baby. Go to the link below so we can take your money electronically in exchange for hot traxx by your favorite Pink Rockers. Ooh so cyber!

Yet there is more.


Location-Don Hills
Probably ONLY $10!

PINK STEEL performs at LOVE BITES, a Val-day tribute to POWER BALLADS!
Watch PINK STEEL own the room with an opening set und TWO featured
ballads! Plus scads of other crazily talented vocalists of stage,
screen und your backalley dreams--including Cathy Cervenka,  Royce Peterson, und a backing band to do justice to all your favorites!
Take your girl or boy to this und you'll get eselficked for SURE!

Valentines Day! Power ballads! BE THERE! More info to come.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

billions and trillions

Friday, January 20, 2006

Dark Beloved Cloud

I think I need to acquire everything from this label. Hm.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Combat Wombat?

You gotta love that.
- J
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   1. Lentil Bash, Melbourne, Thursday (Steve Smart)


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The next regular Lentil Bash is this Thursday, Jan
19th at the usual place and time (Lentil As Anything
cafe, 41 Blessington St, St Kilda, 8pm) and features
the hiphop talents of Elf Tranzporter, ex-Metabass 'n
Breath, Combat Wombat, Diatribe - Melbourne Fringe
2004, general hip hop legend) and Max & Mica, who you
may have seen at the Monsalvat, Barbukka, the first
Emerging Writers' Festival, with Elf, at the Victoria
Hotel or out causing a ruckus in Eltham.

Plus open mic, plus all kinds of beautiful art, music,
poetry & dance, plus Hernan Palacio and his trumpet
(no, it's not a euphemism, unless you want it to be).
Bring Tequila. Why? Just because it's that kind of

Steve Smart


Check this out -

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Albums of 2005