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Fast Food

Thursday, June 5th, 2003

Fast Food:

This week’s story was fun to research. I needed to learn to draw crickets, so I ended up buying three bags of ‘changrat’ in the process. First at the Psaa Leu (Upper Market), then I headed out to the Baray, a big ancient reservoir where people often go swimming. When crickets are in season, they’re sold as snacks.

Two vendors at the Baray.

A light pole where you’ll see kids catching crickets. Good thing wood is not a great electrical conductor, I wouldn’t want to get near that wiring.

I’ve had some comments from our international readers about the translation links. I use Altavista Translator (“BabelFish“), which should provide some basic clues to the comic. It is not intended to be a perfect translation, as can be seen in how it translates the title, ‘QuickDraw’.

In German ‘QuickDraw’ is SCHNELLER ABGEHOENER BETRAG: “fast amount taken off”.

In French ‘QuickDraw’ is ASPIRATION RAPIDE, “fast breathing”.

In Spanish ‘QuickDraw’ is DENRAJE RAPIDO, “fast drainage”.

In Portugese ‘QuickDraw’ is TRACAO RAPIDA, “fast traction”.

With translation I’m attempting to be just a bit more inclusive; if I can include Khmer language, why not French and Japanese? But the only reliable version right now is English and Khmer.

In the future I hope to do more printable PDFs (‘Portable Document Files’) in alternate languages. Right now you can download Buddha Bar in French, English and Khmer.

Other news:

Lisa Mandel (of the Lakhorn Kou project) is coming to PHARE art school in Battambang in August. Cool! I hope to help out if I can.

Some people have been grumbling at Australia’s definition of ‘Youth’ as under 25. Too old to be in the ‘Noise’ festival? Get off your butt and do some research.

Noise and Loud have done lots for antipodal cartoonists, but we can’t subside on government sponsored projects for ever.

On that same note of taking the initiative, Michael Fikaris and Tim Danko send an advance report on their trip to Auckland:

Link Frenzy:

A great article on computer coloring and art by Matt Brooker AKA D’Israeli.