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In addition to drawing comics I research and write about them.  Drawing comics is often a solitary undertaking but it doesn't need to be.  It's my fate (good or bad?) to continually meet artists who've never had an interview, article or web page. The World Needs to Know; I try to balance this with my own personal art efforts.  Here in Cambodia I'm uncovering some cool people with stunning stories. It may turn into a book someday.

I email an informal update about once a week about my comics. And for general comics news there is a Comics Lifestyle email list. Email me to sign up for either. I retain the right to ruthlessly edit content and membership. Deal with it.

When I see something cool I try to whack it up on Comics Lifestyle, Wikipedia, Hayase or comics.org.nz, among others. My site previously had profile pages and numerous lists but I've archived and outsourced them: these really have to be maintained together, as a community.

I'm not sure I like how the new crop of networking tools seem to be privatizing the internet (or turning it into a dating service) but you can find me on MySpace, LiveJournal, Friendster, HI5. I'm more positive towards OurMedia and KhmerOS, for a full list of where to catch me click here. I'm on the watchlist for Global Voices and Technorati. My home on the web though, remains QDcomic.com.

Shouts out to Indonesian Komikus, Silent Army, all scholars at Institut Pacome and my favorite Global Hobos.



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