Interview Published
Sea Scouts, Hobart 1996 Warm Cola
Stuntman/Filmmaker Morgan Evans, 1997  
Ben Butler of Choozy Distro, 1998  
Muso Chris Smith, 1998  
Cartoonist Dylan Horrocks , 1998 Indy Magazine
Sequentialist Clint 'Q-Ray' Cure, 1998 Comics Quarterly 
'It' Girl' Amber Carvan , 1998 Astrogrrl, Purrzine  
Indie poprockers Sleepy Township,1998 Caught in Flux, Ms .45
The Sea Scouts hit Hollywood, 2000, Spank Fanzine
Indonesian collective Apotik Komik, 2000 Silver Bullet Comic Books
David Chelsea, 2003 Top Shelf Anthology


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     Cartoonomuso Stefan Neville, Cambodian Comicists, French Comicists.

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