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          Hey it's QuickDraw, the comic done on the fly for YOU to catch.
             QuickDraw features simple, crudely done comics. I collect and publish them sporadically, chronicling my travels and observations. 'Quick and dirty' is the creative credo - it's done fast 'cause otherwise it won't get done at all. You'll also find this utilitarian angle reflected in my site. This approach is usually not for the average person. But then, you're not the average person, now are you?    

      Yours truly is an American (North American variety),currently living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.   Here I'm doing some work in education, and moonlight on the side with various art efforts and acting gigs.  When I have the time I try to do websites for deserving small nonprofits. Doing simple email, let alone websites can be difficult - connections are slow and web access costs $1 an hour here, where many people make a dollar a day. There's also a huge literacy gap - it's the other side of the 'digital divide'. 


What's to see? I'm taking a stab at doing a weekly comic strip, and making an effort to make it translatable. Your feedback is welcome. My comics newsletter has mutated into a weblog, in keeping with the tone of the times. My last printed issue #4 has more observations from my time as a student in Australia. Art lovers may take interest in my simple lists and profiles of cool comics folks you've never even heard of. There's also a few random interviews as well.        

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PURE EVIL and SILENT ARMY. If you want to see the latest Antipodal alternative comix you need these books!  A slightly less arduous effort is QUICKARSE, a collaborative comic by yours truly and Kirrily Schell Click below for more info.   


Silent Army & 'Comic Book Lifestyle' Exhibition Pure Evil #6



And beyond these efforts, thoughts to follow on Cambodian and Thai comics. (And if you know anything about Laotian comics, drop me a line!) 



The QuickDraw 2002 Tour took me to Australia for the Inside Out Exhibition (Westspace Gallery, Melbourne), which is currently being made into an interactive CD-Rom. Details in the trip log. A limited edition of QuickArse was produced with Kirrily Schell. Also showed and sold work at Java Cafe, Phnom Penh. 

The QuickDraw 2000 Tour took me to Indonesia. Athonk and Lane Berman gave me a warm welcome and I had the opportunity to meet heaps of local comicicans, including Apotik Komik. I'll finish the trip writeup, um, real soon now. 

The QuickDraw 1998 Tour took me to New Zealand, where I got to meet an amazing plethora of people - Dylan Horrocks, Tony Renouf, Ant Sang, Alex Beart, Cornelius Stone, Morris Brown, Timothy Kidd, Sophie McMillan, Glenn Ross, Adam Jamieson and many more. I'll polish and post the trip journal, erm, in the next decade or so. 

Earlier adventures in Tasmania and Sydney.

Reviews of QuickDraw in Alternative Comics Kiva ("ACK") and Silver Bullet Comics. I've got other print reviews but they're all sitting in my parents' garage in California.

Other Stuff: 

Quickly Drawn contribution to international jam strip Impulse Freak.

QuickDraw site featured in 2000  Whitney Biennial exhibition.

"Martian Architecture" from Quickdraw #1 has been adapted by Jesse Reklaw in Dreamtoons

1999 project East Timor Funnies & info page . Warning, many links are now outdated.

My little project for the Viridians, a design movement tackling global warming.

The Comics Journal's "Thrown to the Wolves" column has reviewed compadres Q-Ray, The Pox Girls, Ben Ridder, Kirrily Schell, Ben Hutchings, Athonk, Stefan Neville, Tony Renouf, and more

Still sorting the merchandising angle, and a rather disused message board.


For more comics fun, Silent Army Newswire, BugPowder and Comics Australia are highly recommended. Older comics portals: Noise.net.au, The Great Traveling Zine Show, and The New Pollution. Lots more links on the weblog

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