QuickDraw Exhibition Wednesday August 18 2010

August 14th, 2010


>Book launch and exhibition opening: 6-9pm Wednesday, August 18, 2010
>Artist talk: “50 Years of Cambodian Comics,” 6:30pm Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Java Café & Gallery – 56 Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Java Arts’ new exhibition ‘QuickDraw’ is exactly that: a collection of short comic art vignettes by ‘Jinja’ (AKA John Weeks) in English and Khmer. You’ll see observations on daily life as well as musings on larger issues of living in the Kingdom, garnered over a period of 10 years.  Copies of a 30 page color comic (also bilingual) will be available for sale and signing by the author. The opening is Wednesday the 18th, 6:30 pm.

In addition to the exhibition, an artist talk on Cambodian comics history (‘50 Years of Cambodian Comics‘) will take place on the 24th (in English) with emcee John Berkavitch. All are welcome to learn about this little known chapter of Cambodian art history.

Postscript: a few launch pictures. More to come!


Chugnut Rap Lyrics Twitter Challenge

May 18th, 2010

@comicslifestyle: @andrewfulton I had to DJ that song ages ago. Prefer to detourn it: ‘Cartoonist Got RSI! / Yeah You Know Why’ etc. @azzamckazza @kinokofry

@andrewfulton: @comicslifestyle represent

Old School Melbs used to diss The Avalanches / We came armed with pens we don’t take chances

Musos claim ‘underground’ is what they present / we ‘toonists’ so far deeper than Cave Clan in descent http://bit.ly/a5kOST

Some might call cartooning ‘spurious’ / Chugnut don’t give a f**k ’cause they’ve barely heard of us

Comin’in low fast and mean / Than busting out a ‘Tango‘ all over your scene [insert Argentinian music break]

Obscure ignored and poor / if you don’t like comix my boot will show U the door

@andrewfulton draws whatever he cogitates / ordering an Ipad cause that s**t can’t wait

Jo Waite with the goggles, lush with the brush / castigates teahouses that don’t understand much http://bit.ly/ar7IYu

Fikaris rocks the stencils / all his drivebys be done with pencils

Formidable ORD to be feared / cold rockin’ gobs of fuzzy beards

Kinokofry / draw what she espy / damn site is Fly

The haters be saying comics stinks / they get rubbed out erased by@inkwinks

And while we sticks your review in the toilet and makes it swirl / your head is held down by them hardass Pox Girls

You be running from the rutheless brush as fast as you can / She’s a Mother all right that Amber Carvan

He’s ‘review proof’ gives critcs a world of hurt / step back for the motherf**in Gerard Ashworth

Some might assert their blandishments / Neale‘s ‘Beautiful Artform’ knocks down dem establishments

Wallop you wid a sketchbook like Gregory MacKay / David Blumenstein‘s renderings got you runnin away

Anthony Woodward updating like there’s no tomorrow / Clint Q-Ray blasts detractors into a world of sorrow

Can’t forget that Ben Hutchings wit da fart jokes / mock him and he’ll diss you so fast his pencil smokes

Got no need for wack ass ‘Hammertime’ / get your earhole ’round that David Bumenstein

You may say Chugnut blisters in the sun / Try to match Chris Downes and you’ll be fried and done

Comic Book Virus‘ cold gave you a clot, now you coughing up all ‘a ‘The ComicSpot

Comic Book Funny’? Damn right that’s true / smack you up wit da bristol board hey I’m talking to you

Samples? Don’t be absurd son / we got a million like Tim Danko‘s ‘Soiled’ fun

‘Cause the Chugnut Crew making comics like beats / lining up to buy ‘em yr stampin yr feet

[peace out]


@andrewfulton: @comicslifestyle I am beatboxing like a mofo over here

@azzamckazza:@comicslifestyle This needs to be recorded. Get TootlegBoy and D-Rock Blumenshtein on to it.

@andrewfulton:@azzamckazza @comicslifestyle yes!

@andrewfulton: @comicslifestyle the comics! the lifestyle! the isle! downunder! (we draw like thunder) #orsomething


Bronson 2000

March 24th, 2010

Conversation in Jakarta with Athonk, May 2000.
I was actually proto-blogging back then!

Super old archival Athonk page. http://fade.to/pureblack This is the last one online;  I used to have numerous comics profile pages for my pals but everyone’s got a blog or site of some sort now – most are in the sidebar on ComicsLifestyle.com.




March 10th, 2010


Aom’s smiling because NUMBERS is out! (Her colleague? Reading Singapore comic DREWSCAPE.)

Below is a video from Titus about the making & format of this little tidbit: “A comic collaboration of 4 artists from Singapore, Rumania, Japan and Germany. The theme is the current economic crises, the stories deal with the feelings of the individuals that are affected by the crises worldwide.”

OK I am off to cogitate on Singapore travel comic! #socialmediadiet

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Kampong Glam: Comics Chat @ Hackerspace, Singapore

March 8th, 2010

Did an informal presentation @ Hackerspace.sg today on Cambodian comics and web comics.

I ran through some basics on Khmer comics (primarily using the powerpoint presentation from my talk at BICOF) and am starting to develop some notes for a general presentation on webcomics: how I use ‘em, what they’re good for, where they are going. Possibly for the next BarCamp I attend.

For your amusement and my future reference, some notes:

One of the first and best ever web comics: http://slowwave.com/

Early web comics portal with mixed success: http://www.serializer.net/

Successful ‘mainstream’ web comics, mainly making money off merchandise:

Migrating from zines/printed comics to the web – last printed comic

Web comics in English/Khmer/translation – my early strategy – 3 interlinked blogs (ouch)

Current strategy – using WordPress tags to manage language and content more efficiently
http://www.qdcomic.com/ (still revising!) Including ‘value added media’ / i.e.  Fast Food – June 12, 2003 [English] [French] [Indonesian] [Note] [Song]

History of WebComics discussion:

WebComics opportunities:
‘Infinite Canvas’ approach: http://www.dresdencodak.com/

Value added strategy: Rice Boy has a wiki! http://www.rice-boy.com/see/

Current portal: http://www.comicslifestyle.com

From discussion:

Collab comics: http://comicsrehab.wordpress.com

A classic: http://www.xkcd.com

Comic Book Reader programs (one example)

What’s appropriate for sexuality/sensuality in comics? Dylan Horrocks’ ‘Secret’ blog exploring these issues: http://thepornographyofeverydaylife.blogspot.com

What I’m researching (more ASEAN comics): http://comics.storykitchen.com/

A surprise: Burmese Comics – English and online! http://www.buddhistmythology.net/ (Thanks @yanoak !)

Cheers to @yanoak @preetamrai @cerventus @stephanfeb + artists-in-residence for showing up and letting me road-test both presentations. From the queries and discussion I can see there’s a lot more ground to cover, and a lot of good comics to share. (I’d enjoy doing something for BarCamp SG but I simply can’t fly out every weekend. Maybe Bangkok?)

It was great to see a functional and friendly ‘hackerspace‘. (Hope to check out BangSpace next.) Kudos to Preetam for making landing and presenting so easy, and thanks to the Hackerspace crew for making me feel so welcome! (Dang, we need something like this for Penhville!)

OK, here’s a short video tour around the venue now that everyone has left.

Postscript: Preetam's writeup of the talk.

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