Danger Mimes

Danger Mimes

Adam popped by Friday afternoon. He wanted one of Dougald’s “Danger Mimes” t-shirts, (modeled after the ubiquitous ‘Danger Mines’ shirts) that he sells to raise money for Heritage Watch.

Danger Mimes

Adam landed at Narin’s Guest house the same month I did, May 2000. He’d cycled in from Australia. His route took him from Adelaide to the Top End, then he hopped a boat, landed in Malaysia and cycled overland to Cambodia. A bike enthusiast, he spent much of his first stint in Cambodia playing with Cylos. We both spent a fair bit of time volunteering at Cyclo Centre, in our own ways.

Now he’s on his way back to Afghanistan which has a landmine problem similar (worse!) than Cambodia’s.

I’ve been reading Pangolin’s comics weblog from Afghanistan, which nearly makes me pee myself laughing. Some great moments that you couldn’t make up if you tried. (I’ve never understood why people resist reading comics in a foreign language. If you can listen to foreign music, why not read foreign comics?)

I print out Pangolin’s info and give it to Adam. It’s a small country, I hope they can meet up! http://www.20six.fr/pangolin

Beyond that, a busy day for comics, see my blow by blow over at http://jinja.apsara.org.

And beyond the schedule of the day, here is the rough draft for the rest of the year.

Comics 2005…

July Lisa Mandel (‘Sept Mois au Cambodge’) visit to PHARE art school, Battambang.
Development of comics for collected volume

August Visit from Japanese artist Makiko Sawaki

October Lire en Fête (not scheduled yet) between 20th of Cctober and the 5th of November.

  • Arrival Beng Rahadian. Seminars and teaching. Exhibition.
  • Premiere of Sera’s ‘Water and Earth’ in Khmer (if translated on time.)
  • Possible Rencontre at Centre Culturel Français for Lire en Fête, with Beng and local artists.
  • Exhibition: Heritage Watch comic book, “Grave Robbers and the Phantom Army”

Lire en Fête Lire en Fête
(not scheduled yet) between
20th of Cctober and the 5th of November.
Beng Rahadian departure.

Socio-Cultural Research Congress, Royal University of Phnom Penh.
(Khmer comics paper? If I get off my ass.)

Late November: exhibition of Pannasastra paralegal book illustrations.

Return Makiko Sawaki
Animation teaching, PHARE art school?
Phnom Penh Visual Arts Open

Nhek Sophaleap visits
Angouleme Festival, France. (Takes ‘portfolio’ of local artists? Or film?)

(Sorry if formatting in this list is wonky, Microsoft programs are trying to ‘think’ for me again. Will have to fix later.)


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