Screen Time

Odds and Ends: Screen time

What I’ve been reading and doing in the last month or so:

A really cool Angouleme report. This next year, we’re sending Nhek Sophaleap out.

Hell Money: this stuff seems to follow me around.

Donnie Darko

‘My Wife is a Gangster’. Hollywood could never do this jopok film justice. : very simple but doesn’t claim to be more than it is.
Actually delivers five times a week, that’s pretty impressive! That and ScaryGoRound are amusing but I must admit I’d prefer to see them in book format. The authors look very pale, they must get laptop tans. Meanwhile, I nearly poohed myself laughing at Pangolin’s latest. Go. Read:

New World War III Illustratred. I want.

Comedy show about the tobacco industry. When will they do one about the arms industry?

Saw Revenge of the Sith on DVD. It was OK. I’m done, anyone want my copy?

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