Lesson 5

Lesson 5 Thursday April 27th

Photo referencing, tracing and redrawing get my comic in shape. The office power is out so my lightbox (well, the window I’m tracing on) becomes a sweatbox.

Séra is OK with the new simplified content and suggests some more small revisions to make it more fully realized. Nhek Sokhaleap, an illustrator from SIPAR is doing well with a wordless strip. Santapheap is doing computer comics, tres simple, almost like fumetti. Chan Nawath (Friends) is full of questions and anxious to read more foreign comics.

Other students also arrive late, with their two penciled pages for critique. Now that Khmer New Year is over we are finally getting some more participants, some from the Wat Phnom art school.

I want to redraw my last two panels. I also need some more background details, but first I’ll handle the difficult stuff with the cyclo.

Next up: inking with a nib pen. If you want to run with the professionals, I’d better use professional tools… results to follow!


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