Lesson 4

Comics Workshop, Lesson 4:

April 26th
Devoted to critiques. My strip involves cyclos, cars, streets and several prominent buildings.
Sera suggests I cut the content down a bit, so it’s not an impossible task. Good call, less work!

It’s a challenge to show daily life here – I want to include as many details as possible, but I’m not sure if my technical skills are good enough. I’m completely self-trained.

We spend much of the session redrawing based on his recommendations. We also get another look at La Jetée as we draw.

Some of the new students have some Image Comics from USA, complete with plastic cover to keep it safe from harm. (If they were mine, I would do them harm.) Ugh, muscles and guns. There’s an entire library of bande dessinee upstairs, why don’t they look at that?

Bora’s disappeared, and Santapheap keeps protesting ‘Ot ceh ku roop!’ (I can’t draw.)

Cyclos are pretty hard to draw. I’m going to have to get some more reference.


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