Blast from the Past

Blast from the past: here’s a PDF file a friend did – a picture of some characters I used to draw in Junior High. Will have to scan a few samples of that when I’m next in the States. (Thinkin’ Christmas.)

On that note: My family has asked me to tidy up my huge pile of comics and zines I’ve stored in their garage. Cambodian work continues for the time being, which means I won’t be doing much with my stateside stash.

Stuff I’m sorting:

– Massive amount of zines. Perhaps for the Independent Media Resource Center in Portland.

– I’ve got a vintage collection of pre-web Wired and Mondo 2000 magazines (as well as Boing-Boing).

– When in junior high I had a subscription to Analog Magazine, and have a few copies of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. Stacks of those.

– A set of Factsheet 5 issues beginning 1988 and concluding with the Gunderloy era, as well as Zine World and Alternative Press Review.

– Many issues of the Comics Journal, from 1990 ’til 2000.

– Fifteen-twenty copies each ofWhole Earth Review and Utne Reader.

– Pop Culture magazines: Your Flesh, Deadline, Adbusters etc.

Sassy Magazine, starting from just after the Curt n’ Courtney cover, concluding when they were bought out by Seventeen and turned evil.

– Longboxes of comics. If you want to take some on indefinite loan and read your way through, I’m happy to share. I’m a reader, not a collector.

– Lots of small press comics.

– Hardcover/Softcover books on comics – McCloud, Feiffer, a large hardcover Donald Duck book, Eisner, many graphic novels.

– Lots of novels, but the names will have to wait.

– An embarassing number of cheap science fiction paperbacks.

– Books on Cambodia. These I will want back at some point.

That about covers it. you know how to get in touch.


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