I’ve always followed OuLiPo / OuBaPo with a curious eye. I love the exploration, the gleeful experimentation, the opening of doors, puzzles, the quest of the challenge.


We cannot subsist on mathematics, on wordplay alone. Numbers and geometry have no disposition to kindness. It is a way of looking at the world. It does not always strike me as compassionate.

It’s funny – the CCF people are tireless supporters of the local arts. The staff in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are bright lights in a country where there is little time or money for culture.

Yet as an institution, CCF is a remnant of the old colonial system, which from an intellectual standpoint gives pause for thought.

What’s next, the US Embassy having a cultural night celebrating the cut-ups of Burroughs and Byron Gysin?

The Cubans having a symposium on Borges and Cortazar? (Here the Cuban embassy apparently represents a number of Latin American countries, which is another interesting story to chase down.)

As I write this war looms over us. What is the appropriate response for artists to take? Paper-based hypertext is over half a century old, punk is over thirty. While a bit younger, hip-hop utilizes a lot of the same cut and paste principles.

Cut-ups and hypertextual experimentation were born in the counterculture. True, the most important doors they were supposed to break down were one’s own personal expectations and inhibitions.

But if these tools are not imposing to the structures and institutions that they were conceived outside of, maybe it’s time to look for a different approach. (Or maybe just present different ‘imposed’ words.)

(Postscript – I’m just thinking aloud here. Please, CCF, don’t ban me from coming in to read your excellent collection of comic books!)

March 20 is the day of the Francophone celebration –

We will honor linguistic, cultural and friendly ties that French creates between many peoples with a presentation with the wordplay of Jacques Prévert.

During which poems will be read, and one day of plays and youngest songs, by a contest of Potential Literature which invites you to to write small a text, a poem, a history starting from ten imposed words.

Jacques Prévert Thursday March 20 20h00

Prévert- evening short reading of texts and exposure.

Afterwards? French-speaking midday

Result of the contest of the francophonie Activitiés, plays, songs.

Coordinated by Mrs Ria So Saturday March 22 starting from 15h00

Centre Cuturel French Annexes of Siem reap

No 366 Pram pi Makara Siem Reap

Straight across the bridge from of the old market. The French Arts centre is 100 meters further. Telephone & Telefax: 063 963 265



Le 20 mars est la journée de la francophonie. Le lien linguistique, culturel et amical que crée le français entre de nombreux peoples est donc à l’honneur et nous le fêterons dignement, par une exposition consacrée à Jacques Prévert – joueur de mots – Durant laquelle ses poèmes seront lus, par une journée de jeux et chansons poru les plus jeunes, par un concours d’ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle qui vous invite touir à prende vos plumes anfin de rédiger un petit texted, un poème, une histoire à partir de dix mots imposés.

Jacques Prévert Jeudi Mars a 20h00

Soirée Prévert- courte lecture de texts et exposition


Après – midi Francophone

Résultat du concours décriture de la francophonie

Activitiés, jeux, chants, coordonnés par Madame Ria So

Samedi 22 mars à partir de 15h00

Centre Cuturel Francais

Annexe de Siem reap

No. 366 Pram Pi Makara Siem Reap

Traverser le point du vieux marché, aller tout droit. Le Centre culturel français est sur votre droite à 100 mètres.

Telephone & Telecopie: 063 963 265



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