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Thursday, September 12th, 2002 and are mooting the idea of a national 24 hour comics drawing sesh like it’s a new thing. Don’t they know Malvern Stars were doing this on a regular basis in the late nineties?

It was almost-monthly, often near the full moon. There was usually at least one group migration to 7-11 during the experience. Usually about half the group would crash out. Managed to last through them all so far.

One of our alterations to the original McCloudian idea was to not set a page limit. And jam strips became a regular part of the agenda. Some great moments: Kieran Mangan quietly drawing 24 pages in 18 hours, putting his pen down and retiring to bed like it was something he did every day. Q-Ray drafting the strip that would become the lil’ chix.Shags doing a whole issue of Geek Overload. The mysterious appearance of Tung (Dex Comic) who has not been seen again to this day.

Hmm….October 12. I may be as wrinkled as Nick Nolte’s balls, but I’ve still got my stamina. If any of the old school wanna throw down, I’m definitely in. Like Athonk, I’ll scan and send.

Comics Australia Announcement

Oz Comics 24 hour forum


Wednesday, September 11th, 2002

Rewriting Ozbloglet into a proper narrative trip journal. Since this was a productive trip, that involves a lot of comics, and a lot of scanning. Gimme about another week to unleash the ‘Gallery of Pissed Cartoonists’.

Pleased to see you can now order Silent Army via the Comics Australia online store. They’ll probably get like five orders, but I like the fact that it’s available. (Along with Pox!)

Now if someone could just cook up a nice juicy scandal that would get lots of press attention, we’d be all set.


Monday, September 9th, 2002

Two new bookstores in Siem Reap! I’m gonna pump out a minicomic to sell there.

Great to have a readily available source of crime novels.


Friday, September 6th, 2002

Interested in using your computer to make letratone/zipatone?

Only for art freaks. Roger Langridge explains all.

Argentininan Comics


Wednesday, September 4th, 2002

Killed a scorpion with my bare feet today. Yeah I’m bad. And I drown kittens too, but that’s another story.