Subject: [zines] Malvern Rules OK


>I've been watching this thread with interest. But if we are going to name

>drop, i'm adding my 0.02: malvern. in particular: glenferrie road, malvern

>aka "a >world in one street".

> and so true...not to forget we have Peter Costello as our local member,

>the most >bored Greenpeace street crawlers in Melbourne (after seeing them

>two weeks in a row >we invited them home for coffee and joints - they had

>signed no one....), the autobarn, >and numerous other wonders



In addition to Fikaris, Mangan, MacKay and yrs truly Chez Comics also sheltered Mandy Ord and Pox Girls, who are just as much a part of Malvernian Stardom. The house moves on with new inhabitants. Check out the latest _Comics Quarterly_ (I think Polyester might have it, otherwise just ask a comicer person where to get it) with kickass Pox Girls cover prominently featuring Malvern Tram.


>(I remember The Bomb, a marvellous party at Malvern Stars at which a

>soon-to-be >demolished house was thoroughly graffiti'ed by some of this

>town's finest artists, not to >mention its least fine artists, ie me.

>Except for a slight lack of P-Funk, it was a most exceptional soiree. Was

>anyone else here at this event?)


Hee hee. Said house was demolished by a crane the following morning, which we watched groggy and hung over.

Not my fault none of you Aussies know how to breakdance. Smurf, moonwalk - alla dat. I would have paid _cash money_ to see the Aussie hip hop forum at NYWF.

Barbara, you'll be pleased to know that I've got pictures of the party - will scan & put 'em up when I finish my massive site upgrade in another month or so.


Other cool things about Malvern:


1. Safeway at Malvern central written up by Wayne of Stinky Fire Engine in _Nancy's Zine_. It was really weird to get a zine from the Midwest only to find a review of the supermarket I shop at in Oz.


2. Shoe store that David Bowie stops by whenever he's in Melbourne


3. Holds worlds' record for underwater line dancing. (I am _not_ making this up.) And this happened at The Harold Holt swimming pool: perhaps the most ill-named monument ever.


4. Tram Depot. Damn I wish I'd taken pictures. Oh and it's a straight shot to St. Kilda w/out changing trams


5. "Danny's Amusement Place" just off the train station - it's really a front for a Greek gambling den.


6. Uniting Church with bitchin' stained glass (Now transferred to Korean congregation


7. Rug dealers with wares from Pakistan/Afghanistan - after drugs the hottest smuggling item with the biggest market from that part of the world. I stumbled on 'em just after I'd done a report for school on the Taliban. The Khilim Fields.


8. 7 day art supply store in nearby Caulfield


9. The Angel. Pokies, cover bands, hooch. The Armadale not too far away.


10. Phuc it up - after my time, mindů


Malvern Op shops are to die for. Housemate Zoe stole a great coat from one of 'em. Disco records, cheesy mass-market novels, lots of 80s music. Between them and hard rubbish day that's how Chez Comics was furnished.


I'd get blissed out on architecture living there...the cool old facades on Glenferrie, the seriously surreal chimmneys. In the states the population grows so fast and moves around so much there's much less permanence. Southern Cal is a land of stripmalls and franchises, pre-fab housing - and it's a desert area so things just sort of materialize full-blown into empty flat sterile scrubland. And the pace of change is accelerating, something I ascribe to technological change...very Edge City.

  Lachlan, is that little art gallery still on Glenferrie? What about the 'Danny Brown is a rapist' graffitti? I'll have to send you some stuff via the new Malvern Stars c/o the 53 Hunter Street address.


But no, enough looking back - one must move boldly forward. Today I'm working _here_.


Yesterday a client came over, looked out our skyscraper window, and said, "Hey, you could see Compton burn from here." Dickweed.


- J Platypus Peeved


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