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Call for Work for Chain 11
As long as art is the beauty parlor of civilization, neither art nor 
civilization is secure.
--John Dewey, Art as Experience
Nobody knows who the public is or what it wants or needs.
--David Antin
If you are a reader of Chain, we would be pleased to read your work for 
Chain 11: PUBLIC FORMS. We are interested in pieces that address what 
is commonly called public art--visual artworks that are publicly 
displayed and frequently supported by public funds--but also various 
forms of art that happen outside of usual performance and publication 
contexts such as street art, political speeches, poster campaigns, 
architectural design, mail art, community theater, speaker's corners, 
poetry written for specific public occasions, etc. In other words, this 
issue will investigate art that is created for communities or "the 
public" in its broader definitions.
We also encourage a variety of "reports from the field," where artists 
observe how public art functions in their local environments. Such 
reports could take any genre or form, visual or textual. Reports from 
outside the United States are especially welcome.
Please be aware that we can only print visual images in black and 
Send two copies of your submission and two copies of your cover letter 
CHAIN (c/o Jena Osman)
English Department
Temple University
Anderson Hall (022-29)
1114 W. Berks St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6090.
Deadline: December 1, 2003
If you have questions, send them to and But please, NO email submissions (we tend to lose 
Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your work 
returned. Do not send us originals.
We read work in December and then contact everyone in early February at 
the latest.
GENERAL GUIDELINES: Please look at past issues of Chain to see the sort 
of work we tend to publish. We welcome submissions from writers and 
artists who we do not know, who have never published before, who write 
in languages other than English, who write in unusual forms, etc. We 
enjoy reading new work. But we only accept work that somehow comments 
on the topic of each issue. If this is likely to not be obvious to us, 
then you might want to explain how it engages the topic.
If you find our journal interesting enough for you to entrust your work 
to it, we encourage you to subscribe. Our continued existence, and 
continued ability to read your work, depends mainly on subscriptions.
We tend to privilege mixed media and collaborative work.
We can accept work submitted on floppy disks, zip disks, and cd-rom but 
we need to see a paper copy with your submission.
We do not accept submissions by email (we tend to lose them when this 
We only print work that is black and white.
Our page size is 6"x9" with 1" inside margin and 3/4" outside margins. 
If you design work for our page and require specific fonts, you must 
supply pagemaker files with postcript fonts.